ISSC-MAP Expert Workshop

“Assessing the Sustainable Yield in Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Collection”

 Isle of Vilm, 14 - 17 September 2006


Lectures - click on titles to open pdf-versions in a new frame.


Dagmar Lange

What makes medicinal and aromatic plants special?

Inventory and monitoring methods as information base for resource assessment

Jennifer Wong

Resource assessment methods for MAPs: Designing sound inventories

Christoph Kleinn

Forest inventories: Principles, experiences and lessons for NWFP inventories

Indigineous knowledge as information base for resource assessment

Anna Lawrence

Participatory science: Community experiments as a reliable information base for  sustainable harvesting

Giridhar Kinhal

Participatory resource estimation of medicinal plants: A case study from India

When do we consider an impact of harvest detrimental for the population?

Tamara Ticktin

Ecological implications of collecting MAPs on population, community and ecosystem level

Ulrich Sukopp

How much impact on plant populations is tolerable? - An approach to determine thresholds for significant detrimental impacts

Horst Tremp

Balancing statistical reliability and cost efficiency in resource assessment

Case studies and cross-cutting issues

Marianne Strohbach

Resource assessment methods for sustainable collection of Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) in Namibia

David Newton

A preliminary assessment of the harvest impact on Pelargonium sidoides in South Africa and Lesotho

Jim Chamberlain

Sustainable harvest of Actaea racemosa (Syn.: Cimicifuga racemosa) from Appalachian forests

Maximilian Weigend

Resource assessment methods for sustainable collection of Ratanhia (Krameria lappacea) in Peru

Nirmal Kumar Bhattarai

Community management of medicinal plants in Nepal: Practices and trends towards sustainability

Roser Cristobal

Collecting Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Gentiana lutea and Thymus in Northern Spain

Leonid N.Zayko, Nicolai Fadeev

Resource assessments in Russia for more than 75 years: Methods, practice and experiences

Horatiu Popa

Resource assessment methods for the sustainable collection of Arnica flowers in the Apuseni mountains in Romania

Slavcho Savev

Determining the potential production area (PPA) and effective productivity area (EPA) of medicinal plant resources in Bulgaria

Maximilian Weigend

Importance of taxonomic accuracy in resource assessment

Christoph Kleinn, Jennifer Wong

Compiling a handbook on NWFP inventories: A project of FAO´s Forestry Department